The Trees of Douglas Manor

Even before Douglas Manor was founded, trees were an integral part of this beautiful peninsula. Unusual specimens were planted by the Douglas family in the 19th and early 20th centuries, some of which are still with us. Extensive street tree planting was undertaken when development began but, given their age, we have lost many in recent years.

The DMEA, in cooperation with the New York City Parks Department, has replaced many in an attempt to maintain the arboreal splendor of our neighborhood. Upon completion of the reconstruction of Shore Road recently, the Parks Department implemented a landscape design for the length of Shore Road, including the installation of many young trees and decorative shrubs. The DMEA got permission from the city for fire hydrant access in order to water these new plantings in dry summer periods. A special hose cart along with a 100-foot hose, hydrant wrench and hydrant meter were purchased, allowing DMEA volunteers to water these new and vulnerable plantings. We are happy to report that almost all of the new plantings are thriving thanks to the efforts of our DMEA volunteers. Our watering efforts will continue until the new plantings are self sufficient.