About Us


Founded in 1983, the Douglas Manor Environmental Association is a not-for profit 501c3 dedicated to the preservation, conservation and restoration of the natural habitats in the Douglaston/Little Neck area of New York City. The DMEA holds Conservation Easements on coastal property in Douglas Manor, a peninsula of land entirely surrounded by Little Neck Bay, the western-most end of the Long Island Sound. DMEA habitats, some of which are federally designated wetlands, border Udall’s Cove Nature Preserve and Osprey Landing to the east and Alley Pond to the west.

DMEA activities and projects:

  • Preserve the scenic beauty of the Douglas Manor shoreline, with special emphasis on the open-space lands within the community and the marchlands along its perimeter.
  • Manage open space and recreational lands for use by the community, including the enforcement of Conservation Easements for community benefit.
  • Promote public awareness of the environmental sensitivity and value of open-space lands within the community through educational partnerships teaching environmental stewardship and civic responsibility.
  • Stimulate community participation in the planning, development, use, and maintenance of local recreational areas.

The DMEA’s conservation, mitigation and resiliency activities are enthusiastically and financially supported by donors, NYC and NYS elected officials, and local partners, including environmental and community organizations, as well as local public schools and universities.

The DMEA has no regularly occurring source of revenue and relies entirely on donations to fund activities that come within our mission parameters. The DMEA has no paid employees and all activities and administration is entirely conducted by volunteers. Donations to the DMEA are fully deductible for federal, state and city income tax purposes.