Students at MS 67 continue to benefit from Regents level Earth Science curriculum with local wetland curriculum units embedded by their amazing science teachers. Additionally, MS 67 students drew upon their wetland knowledge and passion to contribute to an amazing community project. On May 31, 2019 , the Douglaston LDC unveiled a new community revitalization art project in partnership with the LIRR. Six murals were installed in the LIRR Underpass at the Douglaston LIRR Station. The LDC invited students at local schools to participate in the underpass improvement art project. The students were given themes of nature, history and transportation.

Two 8th grade students from MS67, Caleb So and Fey Chen, worked as a team to paint the panels representing nature. Their 8th grade project was to design a wall mural, with the emphasis being on “things that mattered” to each individual student. Caleb and Fey decided that nature and preservation was what mattered to them. Their pieces are titled: “Alley Pond Reflections” and “Wetlands Sanctuary”. They are vibrant and beautiful depictions of our local wetlands.